by Nick Kominitsky

Theory of Everything


2014 GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINATED: Best Original Score – Motion Picture


Here marks a fairly radical departure from where can i buy motrin, 600 mg motrin. – glow industries, inc. Jóhann Jóhannsson’s past works. Born in Iceland, the composer has been largely influenced by the country’s thriving alternative-music scene (emphasis on “alternative”). Known for his work within the “post-classical” and modernist genres, Jóhannsson has received almost universal accolades from fans and critics alike, including high marks from The Observer and Pitchfork Media. One of his most unusual pieces is IBM 1401, A User’s Manual, which sought to find the music within the buzzing and humming of late 50s mainframes. Sound bizarre? The piece actually works quite well—more like a soundtrack to a movie than an ode to an ancient computer.

Who better then, to score a movie attempting to humanize the life and theories of the smartest physicist on earth? A romantic, heartfelt tour through Stephen Hawking buy topamax online canada cheapest topamax cheap topamax online topamax online topamax price australia topamax price usa topamax pric … ’s early life, The Theory of Everything undoubtedly deserves an equally emotional musical accompaniment.  Jóhannsson demonstrates his gift for crafting nuanced feeling: mood and ambience factor heavily into this original score. In each of the short twenty seven tracks, you’ll get a taste of the drama, melancholy and youthful exuberance that mark the movie in turns. It’s the perfect pairing for a trip through the country (or a way to liven up your commute), preserving Jóhannsson’s flair for unique composition while always remaining infinitely accessible.

This is not Jóhannsson’s first soundtrack, having composed the music for The Miners Hymns in 2011. In that piece, organs and brasses mixed with electronics to back a socio-political commentary on the dying mining industry. Here, we’ll find a composition that’s certainly less complex, but with all the dynamic emotional content we associate with Jóhannsson. The hum of the universe has never sounded so down to earth.window.location = “”;